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Vendor Oracle
Exam Code 1z0-993
Full Exam Name Oracle Engagement Cloud 2018 Implementations Essentials
Certification Name Oracle Cloud

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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

Your customer wants their milestones to only be due during working hours on weekdays. What
characteristics of the Coverage Times must be configured?

A. The customer must configure at least one interval for every day from Monday to Friday.
B. The customer must set the time zone to UTC
C. The customer must configure a lunch break on weekdays.
D. The customer can optionally configure intervals for Saturday and Sunday.

Answer: A

Question: 2

What is the main function of the Data Security Policies?

A. defines the views or functionalities the user can access
B. defines the data a particular user can see and/or modify
C. defines the privileges and roles a particular user can have
D. defines the actions a particular user can do
E. defines the views the application can access

Answer: A

Question: 3

Identify three correct options about the User Administration (My Profile, Sign Up, and/or Registrar.)
Requests) components in Digital Customer Service (DCS).

A. enable agents to review and approve (or reject) access requests to the DCS instance
B. allow users to request access to the DCS instance
C. enable authenticated users to view details about their profile including their roles
D. enable customer administrators to review and approve (or reject) access requests to the DCS

Answer: ACD

Question: 4

When published, SmartText entries can be made available to which two options?

A. specific users (i.e. “Select from list”)
B. all users (i.e., “Public”)
C. you and your immediate coworkers (i.e. “My Group”)
D. yourself only (i.e. “Private”)
E. this folder (i.e. “Users with folder access only”)

Answer: DE

Question: 5

What three things should you perform to show product images in the Product Picker component in
Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

A. Add images as the product image will not be pulled from Engagement Cloud.
B. Add product ID(s) to the database component.
C. Configure products groups and product items in Engagement Cloud.
D. Add the Product object to your DCS application.

Answer: BCD

Question: 6

What should you do to enable Password Reset in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

A. Enable the “Password Reset” option in the User Administration component.
B. Obtain the Change Password Link and add it to your DCS page.
C. Add the Password Reset component to your DCS application.
D. Instruct users that they can only change their password by chatting with an agent.

Answer: B

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