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Question No. 1

Which two elements comprise the backbone area while designing a new network utilizing IS-IS as the interior gateway protocol (choose two)

Answer: A, B

“Backbone IS-IS does not have a backbone area like the OSPF area 0. The IS-IS backbone is a contiguous collection of Level 2-capable routers, each of which can be in a different area”

“In most designs with routing hierarchy, the Level 2 routers are also Level 1 routers by virtue of their

identification with a certain area. Therefore, in IS-IS, a router can function as Level 1-only or Level 2-only and possibly as both Level 1 and Level 2 (Level 1-2). Level 1-2 routers act as border routers to their respective areas, providing connectivity to other areas. The Level 2 backbone is essentially a virtual IS-IS area consisting of routers engaged in Level 2 routing”

Question No. 2

An organization is creating a detailed QoS plan that limits bandwidth to specific rates. Which three parameters can be configured when attempting to police traffic within the network? (Choose three)

Answer: A, B, F

Question No. 3

OTV to interconnect three data centers and what should there be in each data center

Answer: A

Question No. 4

Which option does best practice dictate for the maximum number of areas that an OSPF router should belong

to for optimal performance?

Answer: C

Question No. 5

Two company want to merge their OSPF networks , but they run different OSPF domains ,

Which is option must be created to accomplished this requirement?

Answer: A

Question No. 6

A company wants to configure BGP on a router so that other BGP neighbors cannot influence the path of a particular route .which action must be taken to accomplish this configuration ?

Answer: B

Question No. 7

What are two benefits of using 6to4 as an IPv6 transition method? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, C

Question No. 8

Refer to the exhibit.

RouterA and RouterB are route reflectors. The other five routers are route reflector clients of both RouterA and RouterB. How many BGP peering sessions are needed to create full connectivity inside the network?

Answer: C

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