ICND1 Cisco 100-105 Exam Questions

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Question No. 1

Which forwarding technology stores destination addresses in the cache?

Answer: B

Question No. 2

Refer to the exhibit.

A person is trying to send a file from a host on Network A of the JAX Company to a server on Network Z of the XYZ Company. The file transfer fails. The host on Network A can communicate with other hosts on Network A.

Which command, issued from router RTA, would be the most useful for troubleshooting this problem?

Answer: D

The most useful thing to check on RTA would be the show interfaces command to see if the interface toward the WAN link is up. The most likely scenario is that the local LAN interface is up, but the other interface toward the XYZ company is down.

Question No. 3

Which technology allows a large number of private IP addresses to be represented by a smaller number of public IP addresses?

Answer: A

Question No. 4

What does administrative distance refer to?

Answer: D

Question No. 5

Which technology allows multiple VLANs to be extended across the network without the need for Layer 3 routing?

Answer: A

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