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Actual AEM 6.0 Architect 9A0-385 Exam Questions

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Vendor Adobe
Exam Code 9A0-385
Full Exam Name Adobe AEM 6.0 Architect
Certification Name AEM 6.0 Architect
Technology Adobe Program

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Version: 11.0
Question: 1

A company’s news media website becomes unresponsive during an off-peak time. The AEM team
investigates and identifies a DoS (Denial of Service) attack.
Which two security measures should the architect use to reduce the chances of another attack?
(Choose two.)

A.Change the passwords for default out-of-the box users (admin, author)
B.Uninstall all sample content and users that ship out of the box with AEM
C.Disable the default selectors .feed.xml and .infinity.json
D.Implement a Dispatcher filter to allow only known selectors

Answer: C, D

Question: 2

A customer plans to display icons next to the search results for keyword queries on their site.
These icons should be based on the type of document that results from the search.
Which step should the architect recommend?

A.Copy the entire foundation search component into the project under /apps and modify the
B.Create a matching folder structure under /apps for the search component with a custom search.jsp
C.Create a new component under the /apps project called search with a sling:resourceSuperType of
the foundation search component
D.Make modifications the search.jsp for the foundation component under /libs

Answer: C

Question: 3

A large retail company has integrated AEM into its commerce stack. Logged in users can submit
product ratings through the ratings” component. To ensure initial ratings do not skew results too far
positive or negative, the company plans to show the tallied ratings only after a minimum number of
submissions has occurred.
For which reason must the ratings component be extended to meet these requirements?

A.Only the average rating is available via API
B.The Tally/Rating Component API does not provide the number of user responses.
C.The author must be able to provide the minimum number of votes for display.
D.A custom rating service must be created to support this functionality.

Answer: C

Question: 4

A large telecommunications company is leveraging the capability of AEM to integrate with SAML.
The architect must configure the SAML Authentication Handler. By default the SAML 2.0
Authentication handler is disabled.
Which two OSGi configuration properties must the architect set to enable the SAML 2.0
Authentication handler? (Choose two.)

A.The public certificate of the identity provider
B.The identity provider POST URL
C.The Service Provide Entity ID
D.The Service Ranking

Answer: B,C

Question: 5

A customer is introducing blog and forum functionality. To handle the moderation of data between
the publisher and author instances, the customer needs to add reverse replication agents. The
architect must create documentation based on a proposed solution architecture.
Which two architectural diagrams should the architect modify?

D.Data Flow

Answer: A, D

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